Tsuchiya Takayoshi Art works
Invited Artist Tsuchiya Takayoshi, Multimedia
Invitation Time November 2013
Theme for the stay Produce a wide screen picture of the Swiss landscape as viewed with Japanese eyes.

Tsuchiya’s works comprise many kinds of media: photo, movie, sculpture, programming and media art etc. The work is a repeated conduct of exploring the relation between perception and the world. His works often raise the following question; how could we restore the way the world appears to us?

In 2001 he received "The 1th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2001" Prize by The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma

Selected Exhibitions:

2006 "CET06 : A New Stream of Art after the Flat World", White House, Tokyo
2008 "A Multifaced Mirror", Nippon Homes Housing Exhibition, Tokyo
2011 "Local Rule", Vision's, Tokyo
2012 "The movie festival -Forest of Memories", Asahi Art Square, Tokyo
  "2:46 and Thereafter", Edison Place Gallery, Washington DC
2013 Solo Show "Where has yesterday gone?", Imura art gallery Tokyo, Tokyo

Selected Net Art Project:

2013 "Expanded Cloud",

Main Collection:

SOLARIA NISHITETSU HOTEL GINZA, The University Art Museum-Tokyo University of the Arts,

For further information on the artist, please consults artist website

Tsuchiya Takayoshi was a cmarts 2013 artist in residency. Result of his work will be presented/published in 2014